Susan Bentley became a certified yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists in 2017. She has been an E-500 registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance since 2008. She holds specialized certifications in trauma-informed yoga, yoga for athletes, yoga for active aging, brain health, and women's health, among others.

Your Yoga Therapist

Susan has had a lifelong love of athletics and physical activity. A competitive springboard diver as a child, dancer and gymnast as an adolescent, then as an adult, athletics turned to running, weightlifting, cycling, and martial arts (3rd Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do). All of these, while keeping her healthy and fit, also caused numerous injuries. This is what lead her to yoga.

Susan walked into her first yoga class over 25 years ago and loved the breath and flow. After a few months, she knew it was making a difference in balancing physical fitness, healing old injuries, and could see how this would keep her healthier as she aged.

She began teaching yoga in a gym in 2006. Her clientele has been mostly individuals that never would have set foot in a gym or studio without prodding from a medical doctor or concerned family member. Her average class includes an 85-year-old with arthritis, someone who has just had a joint replacement, a mom-to-be, someone suffering from anxiety or depression, and a competitive athlete. Susan learned to scale her classes quickly but still provide a challenge for everyone. She has worked hard to educate herself to serve all students.

Many people walk into her classes and say, “I (was just diagnosed with cancer, had a stroke six months ago, have fibromyalgia, etc.) and my health care professional said I should start doing yoga.” While gym/studio/online yoga is wonderful, it rarely addresses an individual’s specific needs. Susan began to study yoga therapy so she could help these individuals. Over 1,000 hours and several years of study, Alma Sana Yoga was born.

In her own life, yogic techniques and practices have helped Susan move through grief and navigate life when her husband passed away suddenly in 2010.

Susan pursuing her passion of wellness on a 2014 trip to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu. 

Susan and her husband, Noah, preparing to race in La Ronde Tahitienne a qualifier for the Tour de France in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Victor the Yoga Dog loves to say hello and welcome you to the studio. He can be put away for your visit upon request.

“Alma Sana” is Spanish for Healthy Soul. Yoga therapy looks to reunite all aspects of an individual and not just see an injured joint, a medical condition, or a mental health issue. This holistic approach perceives the whole client and reunites the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides to improve overall health. This yogic methodology is an all-encompassing way of supporting healing instead of a siloed approach that may be missing critical connections.

The Alma Sana Story

Certified Yoga Therapist-International Association of Yoga Therapists since 2017
Registered Yoga Instructor-Yoga Alliance since 2008 (currently E-RYT 500)
Certified Personal Trainer-American Council on Exercise since 2010
YogaFit 500-Hour teacher training certification-2015
Brain Longevity Teacher Training Certification-Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation in 2018
YogaFit 140-Hour Warriors Certification-2018 (Trauma-informed yoga)
Soul of Yoga Institute - Breath, Movement and Yoga Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Lab-2020
And many others…

The average yoga instructor has 200 hours of teacher training. A yoga therapy program takes roughly 1000 hours to complete. Susan has surpassed these requirements and continues to educate herself in techniques to support her yoga therapy practice.

Certifications and Experience

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